Oposiciones administrativo estado

Oposiciones administrativo estado

state examinations 2021

The Government and the Administration. The President of the Government. The Council of Ministers. Appointment, causes for dismissal and responsibility of the Government. The functions of the Government. Relations between the Government and the Cortes Generales.
The protection of personal data. Legal regime. Regulation (EU) 2016679, of 27 April, on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data. Principles and rights. Obligations. The Data Protection Agency: competences and functions.

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If you have at least a Bachelor’s degree, it is an ideal competition to enter the Administration. Once inside, with a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree you will be able to move up to higher positions by Internal Promotion and make a career within the Administration.
467 of our students in classroom classes, online and book buyers of Administrative State Administration (call 2019), have passed the selection process getting a civil servant position.
Of these, 40 will deal with the subjects foreseen in blocks I, II, III, IV and V of the program included in point 6 of this annex, and 30 will be from block VI; 5 additional reserve questions may be foreseen, which will be assessed in the event that any of the 70 previous questions are cancelled.
Second part: It will consist of answering in writing a practical case to choose between two proposed, related to subjects of blocks II, III, IV and V of the program. Each practical case will be broken down into 20 questions, and there may be 5 additional reserve questions that will be assessed in the event that any of the previous 20 questions is annulled.

state administrative examinations 2021

Those who wish to participate in these selective tests must electronically complete the application for admission to selective tests in the official form 790, which can be accessed through the General Access Point at the URL: http://administracion.gob.es/PAG/ips.
The interested parties will have a period of twenty working days from the day following the date of publication of this call in the «Official State Gazette» to submit the application (model 790) completed electronically in the manner established in bases 6.4 and 6.6.
In accordance with the provisions of article 3.4 of Royal Decree 702/2017, of July 7, and section fourteenth.2 of Order HFP/688/2017, of July 20, of common bases, the submission of applications shall preferably be made electronically in the following manner:
If a duly accredited technical incident should make the ordinary operation of the systems impossible, the convening body may agree to substitute completion on paper in the terms indicated below.

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