Portal convocatorias la caixa

Portal convocatorias la caixa

La caixa fellowship 2020

Personal autonomy and attention to aging, disability and illness. Promoting the quality of life, independence and autonomy of people with disabilities and those who, due to aging or illness, suffer deterioration of their abilities and health.
Socio-labor insertion. Promotion of social and labor insertion for people with disabilities or in vulnerable situations, as well as the improvement of employability and job creation.
Interculturality and social action. Promotion of citizen coexistence of different cultures in common spaces to foster social participation, community strengthening, violence prevention and mediation.
Social action in rural areas. Promotion of projects in rural areas, adapted to their territorial characteristics and needs, to improve living conditions and generate opportunities for families, children and adolescents, women, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion.

La caixa project

Building inclusive societies that are increasingly diverse and complex is one of the current challenges. With this call we want to promote projects that foster intercultural coexistence and social development, and that promote equal opportunities for all people, to promote a present and future society that is more just and cohesive.
We support social intervention projects for the improvement of intercultural coexistence and social cohesion and socio-educational projects that contribute to the promotion of health, prevention of violence and equal opportunities.

La caixa fellowship login

It stores all the information of the different calls of the contest, as well as the rules and inscriptions to the open call. Once the call has been launched, the work diary of the selected photographers can be consulted and the execution of the work of their project can be visualized. There is also a space for viewing the final project through different multimedia and participation elements, as well as the geolocation of the works and a historical archive with all the editions of the contest.

La caixa» fellowship 2021

The Curatorial Fellowship is a biennial program in which three exhibition projects will be developed based on works from the «la Caixa» Collection of Contemporary Art and the MACBA collections. We are always committed to innovative projects both in terms of readings and reflections as well as in terms of forms that provide creative approaches.
The exhibitions will be included in the annual program of CaixaForum Barcelona and the possibility will remain open for the resulting shows to be itinerant, as well as for possible collaborations with other institutions. The exhibitions may also include works by young artists who are beginning their professional careers as a complement to the Collection, as long as they are works that have already been produced and are not part of another institution’s collection.
The development of each project will have a total duration of four months. During the first month, the curators will have access to the Collection and the «la Caixa» Foundation and MACBA team to define the project, while the remaining three months will be dedicated to carrying out all the tasks involved in preparing the exhibition.