Royal academy of arts

Royal academy of arts

Real academia de bellas artes de san fernando en español

La Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, aunque a menudo se la denomina la «otra galería de arte» de Madrid, está lejos de serlo. En su papel de Real Academia de Bellas Artes ha formado y alimentado a un increíble número de artistas españoles a lo largo de los siglos. Entre sus alumnos más ilustres se encuentran Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Antonio López García, Juan Luna, Oscar de la Renta y Fernando Botero. En vida, Francisco Goya fue director de la prestigiosa institución.
Creada por orden del rey Fernando VI a mediados del siglo XVIII, la academia se trasladó unos veinte años después, bajo el reinado de Carlos III, a su actual ubicación en el Palacio de Goyeneche, en la calle Alcalá, a pocos minutos de la Puerta del Sol. El palacio, diseñado originalmente por José Benito Churrigera para la familia Goyeneche en 1724, fue reformado en 1773 para uso académico por Diego de Villanueva. Fue durante la reforma cuando se modificó la fachada barroca original por la neoclásica que vemos hoy.

Academy bulletin of the royal academy of fine arts of san fernando

The style of the restoration is Italian Renaissance, the first body of the façade is padded and 6 medallions are placed with the faces of Jerónimo Antonio Gil, Carlos III, José Bernardo Couto (benefactor of the Academy), Manuel Tolsá, Miguel Ángel and Rafael.
For the protection of the building, an iron and glass dome was completed in 1913. It is a prefabricated art-nouveau style of the company L. Lapeyrer of Paris and its installation was in charge of the architects Manuel and Carlos Ituarte, during the period of director of Manuel Gorozpe, successor of Antonio Rivas Mercado.

Madrid academy of art

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The Royal Academy of Fine Arts was created in Malaga by Royal Decree of October 31, 1849, and its act of constitution took place on June 7, 1850, when Manuel Seijas Lozano was Minister of Development. The first Board was held one day later, chaired by its first President, in the premises of the old Nautical College of San Telmo, in the Plaza de la Constitución.
In its constitution, the 18 academicians were divided in half between non-professionals and professionals, with nine individuals in each. These were grouped into three sections. First section: Drawing, Painting and Engraving in sweet.
The use of the medal used as a badge by the Numerary Academicians was granted by R.O. of November 28th, 1880, and responds to the model that was approved for the Academies of Barcelona and Valladolid by R.O. of January 2nd, 1858. It is of gilded silver, bearing on its front face the emblems of architecture and plastic arts and a sun with a star in its center, as well as the inscription on enamel: Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Telmo. Malaga. On the back it bears another inscription Instituted in the reign of Isabel II. It is hanging from a turquoise blue cord adorned with silver.