Astor perfect stay gel shine

Astor perfect stay gel shine

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I’m not going to give it 5 stars because it’s not really what it promises. It’s not bad, but that it has a gel finish is false. It has a normal satin finish, it doesn’t look like a gel, no way. It does not look good in one pass, it leaves lighter places than others and if you give a second pass to equalize all the navy blue disappears to be black, even with flash light or sunlight it looks black. I can’t say how long it lasts because I’ve been using it since today. I have to say that I already had another bottle of the same color from Astor (only it was of another category, Astor fashion studio, color Madagascar Waterfall) and apart from looking good in one pass, it was a little thicker than this one, which by contrast, is much more liquid and I have the feeling that this is the reason why it does not look good in the first pass. The brush is quite mediocre, I would say bad.

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No hay votos todavíaDescripción¡Prepárate para conseguir una manicura perfecta! ¡Con un brillo intenso hasta 10 días! Astor presenta Perfect Stay Gel Shine con Vitamina E, su primer esmalte de uñas que proporciona una manicura de aspecto profesional que dura y dura.
Todavía no hay votos ¡Pro Manicure Be Brilliant! Cuando quieras deslumbrar como Heidi Klum en la alfombra roja, dale a tus uñas un sensacional acabado de alto brillo con Pro Manicure Be Brilliant! Este top coat brillante proporciona un brillo increíble y duradero, tan brillante que necesitarás usar sombras.

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Today I want to introduce you to Astor’s new Perfect Stay Gel Shine nail polishes with Lycra, a selection of 20 trendy shades that have been chosen in a very smart way, as it includes both summer colors and others more associated with winter. In fact, in this post you’ll see them separated into two groups.
Not only do they not flake, which is something that really gets on my nerves. The fact that as soon as you tap them, the polish pops off is the most common thing, but with the Astor Perfect Stay Gel Shine with Lycra it doesn’t happen. At the most, the color wears off a little at the edges from rubbing against clothes, skin, objects (computer keys, washing dishes,…) These polishes are shockproof thanks to the Lycra.
307 Red My Mood: Garnet red mahogany, elegant, precious, timeless, and the object of desire of those who love these shades. Keep an eye on it when you have visitors. My sister wants to take it with her every time she comes over.
507 So Coal: Complicated but elegant and beautiful color. Perfect mix of purple and gray with a blue background that softens it and makes it very wearable. I like it for winter, but I would wear it any day I want to be dressed up.

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– gives a special shimmering effect, the coloured nails are sparkling. The patented formula, enriched with LYCRA®, ensures a perfect manicure with a special shine and colours that last on the nail for up to 10 days after application. It’s amazing how easy it is to achieve the professional look of salon nails right at home. The 3-in-1 formula in Perfect StayGel Shine does not require the use of a base coat or top coat. Plus, the polish is very easy to apply thanks to the brush that covers the entire nail in one coat. Perfect in one application!