Biotherm blue therapy edad recomendada

Biotherm blue therapy edad recomendada

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With a water-gel cream texture, it instantly melts into the skin to absorb nutrients in an accelerated way and regenerate. This Biotherm anti-aging treatment is enriched with Algae of Youth™ to boost the skin’s ability to self-repair and accelerate skin cell metabolism by 42%.
With Blue Therapy Accelerated, skin looks redensified, luminous, firm and hydrated. Indicated for all skin types that need to repair wrinkles, dark spots or firmness and radiance problems.
The lists of ingredients used in the composition of Biotherm products are regularly updated. Please check the list of ingredients on your product packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.
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Its main active ingredients are:- Life Plankton™, which revitalizes the basic functions of the skin.- L. Ochroleuca, stimulates the synthesis of elements such as collagen to create a firming effect.- Alga Afa, exerts an anti-wrinkle effect.
Hello Susana! Yes, it is suitable for your skin type since its texture is light yet nourishing and will not make you greasy, and on the other hand, it is for all skin types including sensitive skin. It also contains L. Ochroleuca, which stimulates the synthesis of elements such as collagen to create a firming effect, and Afa Algae, which has an anti-wrinkle effect. Best regards.
Hello Juan, thank you for your inquiry. It is formulated for women although there would be no problem for you to use it. However, Biotherm has a very complete men’s line nº1 in premium male treatment called BIOTHERM HOMME, you can find all kinds of creams, whatever your needs are. Best regards.
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The skin aging process is different for each person. It depends on genetic endowment, external agents to which we are exposed, eating habits … However, there are some common guidelines that we can apply to avoid resorting to a treatment that does not correspond to the needs of our skin. First of all, it is worth bearing in mind that beauty brands usually have different product lines for specific age ranges as well as for different skin types: sensitive, dry, combination, oily… Apart from the particularities of each one, as a general rule, young skins have greater elasticity and higher levels of collagen, so the main objective is to keep the face hydrated, properly protected against solar aggressions and provide a dose of antioxidants to prevent cellular degeneration.

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Have you ever wondered which part of skin aging can be avoided and which part is inevitable? I’m sure that even if you haven’t asked yourself the question in this way, you have thought about whether it is worthwhile to use creams and products, whether it really isn’t something we carry in our genes that we can’t fight against, etc. Biotherm laboratories have also asked themselves this question and with the means at their disposal they have set out to answer it with criteria…. the conclusion is the 20/80 Effect.  Through an exclusive study, Biotherm research laboratories have quantified the percentage of signs of aging that are acquired versus chronological signs (those we cannot avoid) and the conclusion is overwhelming:
The conclusion of this study is the 20/80 effect, which as we have commented before, indicates that only 20% of the signs of aging are for unavoidable chronological reasons while 80% of the signs of aging we owe to external effects such as the sun’s rays and are therefore avoidable and controllable!