Biotherm blue therapy opiniones

Biotherm blue therapy opiniones

Biotherm – blue therapy eye| product review

At the end of last February, Biotherm set up an Iceberg in the heart of Castellana (Madrid), I told you about my experience there and the personalized skin diagnosis they performed on me. Precisely following the recommendations of Biotherm’s expert staff, I started testing Blue Theraphy Accelerated, an anti-aging serum that repairs the visible signs of aging.
A fast-acting formula that instantly repairs and smoothes the skin, improves firmness, restores elasticity and reduces dark spots, resulting in brighter, more radiant skin.
A fluid and fresh texture that spreads easily and is easily absorbed, leaving the skin with no greasy residue and a pleasant sensation of freshness and hydration. A single drop is enough for the skin to feel perfectly hydrated, softer and comforted.
Biotherm Blue Theraphy Accelerated is an anti-aging serum that repairs the visible signs that the passage of time leaves on the skin. A fast-acting formula that instantly repairs and smoothes the skin, improves skin firmness, restores elasticity and fades dark spots for brighter, more radiant skin.

Biotherm blue therapy reviews 2021 – 2022

Have you ever wondered which part of skin aging can be avoided and which part is inevitable? I’m sure that even if you haven’t asked yourself the question in this way, you have thought about whether it’s worthwhile to apply creams and products, whether it really isn’t something that we carry in our genes and that we can’t fight against, etc. Biotherm laboratories have also asked themselves this question and with the means at their disposal they have set out to answer it with criteria…. the conclusion is the 20/80 Effect.  Through an exclusive study, Biotherm research laboratories have quantified the percentage of signs of aging that are acquired versus chronological signs (those we cannot avoid) and the conclusion is overwhelming:
The conclusion of this study is the 20/80 effect, which as we have commented before, indicates that only 20% of the signs of aging are for unavoidable chronological reasons while 80% of the signs of aging we owe to external effects such as the sun’s rays and are therefore avoidable and controllable!

Blue therapy red algae uplift cream biotherm

What makes us choose one anti-aging cream over another? Why do we trust some products more than others? When it comes to buying a cream (or any other beauty product), factors such as the trust we place in the brand or the advice of a dermatologist come into play. However, the recommendations of a friend who has already tried it can influence our decision just as much, if not more. For this reason, Rocío Milans, Esther Baltar, Ana Cabrera and Esther Ferrero, all consumers of various products from Biotherm’s Blue Therapy range, tell us today their concerns, their opinion and their experience with them as they would their trusted acquaintances.
Esther Baltar says, not without some disappointment, that she has always had complicated, atopic and reactive skin on both body and face. «The face is the most complicated, because it tends to dry and flake, with a feeling of tightness,» she told us. Moisturizing, therefore, has always been her prerequisite for testing and buying any beauty product.

The youth is in biotherm blue therapy lift & blur

With a gel water cream texture, it instantly melts into the skin to absorb nutrients in an accelerated way and regenerate. This Biotherm anti-aging treatment is enriched with Algae of Youth™ to boost the skin’s ability to self-repair and accelerate skin cell metabolism by 42%.
With Blue Therapy Accelerated, skin looks redensified, luminous, firm and hydrated. Indicated for all skin types that need to repair wrinkles, dark spots or firmness and radiance problems.
The lists of ingredients used in the composition of Biotherm products are regularly updated. Please check the list of ingredients on your product packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.
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