Blog de paula echevarria 2012

Blog de paula echevarria 2012

Paula echevarría: maquillaje retro | elle españa

En 2007 protagonizó junto a Álex González el drama Luz de domingo de José Luis Garci. La película obtuvo 5 nominaciones a los Premios Goya de la academia de cine española y fue una de las tres candidatas españolas a los Premios Oscar.
En 2008 volvió a trabajar para José Luis Garci en Sangre de mayo. Esta película celebraba el bicentenario del levantamiento del Dos de Mayo. Recibió siete nominaciones a los Premios Goya y también fue una de las tres candidatas españolas a los Premios Oscar[3].
De 2010 a 2013 fue una de las protagonistas de la serie de TVE-1 Gran Reserva, rodada en la región española de la Rioja sobre los negocios del vino y las rencillas familiares. Entre los actores también estaban Ángela Molina y Emilio Gutiérrez Caba.
De 2014 a 2016 Echevarría es uno de los protagonistas de Velvet, la serie de prime time de Antena 3, junto a Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Marta Hazas, José Sacristán, Amaia Salamanca, Manuela Velasco y Cecilia Freire. La serie se desarrolla a finales de los años 50 y se centra en el amor entre una costurera y el rico heredero de unos grandes almacenes[10].

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Hello everyone! As you already know I love Paula and because of that I follow everything she does professionally and I read all the interviews that appear in magazines about her. Well, thanks to this «research» I have found some contradictions in her words that I would like to share with you.
She has also said many times that she did not diet, and that among her usual meals were pizzas, hamburgers, french fries and that she did not exercise, well after asking several personal trainers the answer has been that no matter how good genetics you have it is somewhat impossible to have Paula’s body without exercise or diet. In fact there are some photos that show that she does sport.
Paula stated in an interview that no one had ever wanted to undress her or ask her for bed scenes. Well, in one of her movies, «El Chocolate del Loro» I found a scene not of bed but of countertop and she is naked on her back or is it not her and it is a double?

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The phenomenon of Paula Echevarría never ceases to amaze. She has managed to reach that difficult position in which men and women like her and, what is more complicated, to stay there. Natural, approachable, smiling, accessible? How has she managed to get where she is? What factors contribute to her life being envied by many?
But we not only know about her through the blog, on Instagram we see a funny Paula, without complexes, without fear of criticism and above all, as she is. You can follow her through @pau_eche and get to know her more personal side where she appears with friends, at dinner, going to the movies with her daughter or posing with her husband.
Paula has been able to reinvent herself, she has taken advantage of her pull as a brand, she is a fashion image on magazine covers, she plays with a sexy point and has perfectly combined her facet as a mother, actress and trendy girl. Can anyone give more?


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