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En 2007 protagonizó junto a Álex González el drama Luz de domingo de José Luis Garci. La película obtuvo 5 nominaciones a los Premios Goya de la academia de cine española y fue una de las tres candidatas españolas a los Premios Oscar.
En 2008 volvió a trabajar para José Luis Garci en Sangre de mayo. Esta película celebraba el bicentenario del levantamiento del Dos de Mayo. Recibió siete nominaciones a los Premios Goya y también fue una de las tres candidatas españolas a los Premios Oscar[3].
De 2010 a 2013 fue una de las protagonistas de la serie de TVE-1 Gran Reserva, rodada en la región española de la Rioja sobre los negocios del vino y las rencillas familiares. Entre los actores también estaban Ángela Molina y Emilio Gutiérrez Caba.
De 2014 a 2016 Echevarría es uno de los protagonistas de Velvet, la serie de prime time de Antena 3, junto a Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Marta Hazas, José Sacristán, Amaia Salamanca, Manuela Velasco y Cecilia Freire. La serie se desarrolla a finales de los años 50 y se centra en el amor entre una costurera y el rico heredero de unos grandes almacenes[10].

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This actress’s makeup looks reflect a job well done, elegance and naturalness.  If anything characterizes Paula Etxebarría is her beautiful smile, something that perfectly adapts her makeup with her looks and personality.
To analyze her look, let’s start at the beginning, the face. She usually wears a flawless, light and luminous foundation most of the time. This makes her skin look even, luminous and healthy.
It is true that you can see that Paula takes care of her skin, we have seen her several times without makeup and we are very envious. Thanks to the great skin she has, she can use light foundations with little coverage, which give her a very natural look and nothing loaded.
On the contours of her face and cheeks, she barely uses any product, just a bit of shaping. We don’t usually see her with too much blush or very pronounced cheekbones. She highlights and refines the nose area and the lower cheekbones a bit more. Which leads us to believe that she will also use a tone very similar to her skin.

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Some Internet users have interpreted a purple heart of the actress Paz Vega as a clear positioning in favor of the claims of the writer and activist Lucia Etxebarria, and thus, the winner of the first edition of the successful musical program of Antena 3 Mask Singer: guess who sings has been labeled TERF, acronym of the English expression «Trans-exclusionary Radical Feminist».
Etxebarria was raped at knifepoint and when the aggressor was arrested he was acquitted because «there had been a sexual exchange and that the semen was his, but there were no marks of blows on my body», not being able to prove that it had been a rape. «Since I did not resist, they did not believe me. If I had resisted, I wouldn’t be here today to tell the tale.»

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Send news by emailYour name *Your email *Your email *Despite having closed her blog, ‘Tras la pista de Paula’, she continues to be a style icon who surprises with every look, and more being pregnant as is the case. As it could not be otherwise, Paula Echevarría has once again given a lesson in style and dazzled with the Eskimo style coat she chose to go shopping. However, very serious, and visibly annoyed by the presence of the press, Paula kept silent about the rumors that Bustamante could repeat paternity a few months after her.