By the face make up

By the face make up

Not wearing makeup improves the skin

Banana: this is the name given to the bone in the eye socket just above the mobile eyelid. It serves as a reference to apply darker eye shadows that contrast, for example, with lighter shadows applied on the upper eyelid.
Concealer: we include it in this list, although we assume that if you apply makeup, it will have a preferential place in your makeup bag. When shopping, keep an eye on its English translation: concealer.
Depotar: this can refer to eye shadows, lipsticks or blushers, for example. It consists of removing them from their original packaging to create personalized palettes. It is usually a common resource for those who work professionally in makeup.
Godet: these are each of the containers in which the shadows, blushes, lipsticks and other products are presented in the makeup palettes. It is possible to buy them individually to fill them with the products you prefer and configure your own palettes.
Illuminator: a makeup product that can be presented in different formats (powder, cream or fluid) and that, thanks to the iridescent sparkles it emits, provides points of light on the face wherever it is applied.

What happens if you wear too much makeup

The famed Bruce Grayson (head of beauty at the Oscars) says that long-lasting makeup is a fallacy. No foundation or concealer is meant to last forever and will inevitably wear off if you touch it, say hello to someone or as the hours go by. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t ask for certain guarantees of durability from makeup: it’s one thing for it to fade slightly over the course of the day and quite another for it to start showing signs of crazing.
«Beautiful skin has light, a healthy, juicy glow. Regardless of wrinkles and blemishes, skin that looks cared for is beautiful skin,» Susana Sanchez, makeup & hair artist, tells us. «When makeup cracks, it’s because the skin is not properly prepared. Moisturizing is the step prior to makeup and the most important of all: if we skip it, the skin will take what it needs from the makeup product we are using and, in the case of dry skin, it will absorb the oily phase of the makeup formula.

Skin care and makeup

Makeup, by itself, is not harmful to the skin if it is used properly, so in principle it should not raise the alarm; but it is convenient to know what are those bad practices or bad habits that will be able to generate a long-term problem in our body.
Whenever we talk about makeup, we always emphasize how important it is to clean the skin before applying any type of product in order, on the one hand, to allow the cosmetic to be used to adapt perfectly and not suffer variations or problems during the following hours; and on the other hand, to eliminate the possible presence of impurities in the skin that would be trapped between it and the cosmetic applied.
Likewise, once the make-up has been removed, it is also advisable to clean the facial skin to eliminate any residue that may have remained on it, thus avoiding clogged pores.
Keeping the skin clean at all times is essential if we want to keep it in good health, and for this it will be necessary to use suitable products such as micellar water.

Makeup ages the skin

For example, you should opt for water-based products with a matte finish for oily skin and luminous oil-based products for dry skin. And if you are allergic or have sensitive skin, choose a product that is hypoallergenic.
One of the makeup products recommended in our store is Umbrella, a compact foundation with a matte finish and sunscreen, ideal for perfect skin and protection from UV rays.
If in doubt, try it on your forearm first before applying it to your face. Be careful, this is just to test if it causes any allergic reaction. If you want to know the shade, always test it on your face, not on your hand.
For our skin to stay radiant, daily cleansing is a must. The longer makeup is left on the skin the more prone it is to form blackheads. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all makeup on the same day.
Even if you don’t wear makeup, daily cleansing will remove any traces of environmental pollution your skin has been exposed to. A recommended quality product is Bonaven, a cleansing lotion based on colloidal oatmeal that does not require soap or water for its cleansing action.