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Clarins el corte ingles

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– Before entering, the cabin is completely sanitized: the couch and shower area, as well as cabinets, countertops, doorknobs, handles, switches and all non-disposable materials to be used during the treatment such as tables, mirrors, trays, etc…. Towels have been washed at over 65 degrees and, for additional safety, are covered with disposable sheets.
– The client is invited to disinfect her hands and, for facial treatments, to place her mask on a hygienic tray at the beginning of the treatment. For her part, the therapist washes her hands with a special antibacterial soap before beginning the treatment. At the end of the treatment, the client is offered a new mask if necessary.
– In the treatment of the face, the movements that used to be performed in front of her have been replaced by maneuvers executed from the head of the couch, and the use of disposable materials is also prioritized, replacing dry mittens with paper napkins and brushes and brushes with disposable applicators.

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It must be recognized that eye contours have become one of the most demanded cosmetics of the moment. The use of masks has given all the prominence to our eyes and taking care of this delicate area around them has become a priority.
And we end with a product that, although we have not tried it, looks great and not only because of its packaging, which is pure fantasy. It is the Gel Cristal Yeux Perle de Caviar by Ingrid Millet which contains the highly active ingredient called ‘caviar complex’. It is priced at 78.50 euros 62.80 euros.

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