Colorista washout loreal opiniones

Colorista washout loreal opiniones

Colorista washout colors

When I saw this new product I wanted to try it, and I decided on the Colorista Washout Turquoise, although I must say that, for me, turquoise is much lighter, and much bluer, this is more peacock, but ok.

It’s supposed to be a color mask to be applied to clean dry hair, leave on for 20-30 minutes, and rinse. Since it contains conditioning agents, there is no need to apply a mask afterwards, in theory.

It is appreciated that they include 2 pairs of gloves in the box, one for when you apply it, and the other for when you remove it, but they are pretty bad. They even leaked a bit of product and stained my fingers (nothing that a day of hand washing won’t fix).

Another thing to keep in mind is that, although when you rinse your hair for the first time after applying the mask, you find your hair very soft and shiny, that feeling does not last too long. It doesn’t leave your hair straw-like, but you will notice that your hair needs a little extra help until you use your usual conditioner again.

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I know I’m not wearing a «powerful» red color as it appears in the image of the box where the dye comes but I can assure you that the maroon color is there, and that even the red in the sun can be seen without problems.

Obviously these are not the best images in which the color is perfectly visible, rather, it is quite distorted when the light hits it in that way but it was just to give you an «example» (or try to) of how it looked to me.

Well, I know people close to me that being blonde (a «dark» blonde) and wearing a pastel purple color*, it has not taken absolutely nothing but when I say nothing, I mean NOTHING. Always following the product instructions, of course.

So on the other hand I think it sucks (pardon the expression) that the pastel shades* are more difficult to achieve because, it is true, I have seen many videos of youtubers (if you say so) who have tried the pink or others like that that have not caught them or simply have been very subtle reflections that the first wash are gone.

Colorista washout how long it lasts

But let’s see my experience with the mascaras and sprays, that’s what we’re here for 😉 and I’m sure a review will come in handy, these are complicated products after all…

I started using the shade Lila Chair. It’s not the first time I use masks with color, on Instagram I have expressed on several occasions my love for La Mota’s masks with color (made in Spain by the way, and pending review, when I do it we’ll have a laugh…). The L’Oreal ones are cheaper and easier to find (which is great) but I’ll stick with the La Mota ones. In any case, I knew what the subject was about, how to use them…

After a few washes, when there were no more traces of lilac dye (just in case) in my hair I used the red tone, this one specific for dark hair. Here I had no idea how it would look on my hair.

In both cases, the hair is shiny, quite flat, not at all weighed down, even shiny… it looks nice. However, I noticed that the hair lasts cleaner for less time. In the case of the red one, I have already washed my hair twice and the color remains unchanged, and the water still comes out red when I wash my hair. Both products have a creamy texture, it goes on well, I was surprised that the red was pretty even (when I had it on I used an old brush to spread it out well), and the scent is almost non-existent.

How to apply loreal colorist

I have seen a lot of doubts on the internet, I have received messages and even my friends have asked me a lot of questions, so taking advantage of the fact that I have first hand information thanks to L’Oreal, these are the most frequent doubts about the colorista range, I hope you find it useful:

Application How should I apply the Spray? It is important to apply the spray 15 cm away from the hair and not to apply too much. If there is an excess of quantity, we recommend combing the hair with a brush. Avoid rubbing the product against textiles as it may stain.

Do I need to bleach or lighten my hair to use the Spray if my hair is dark or has already been colored? The Colorista Spray is visible on hair of any shade, you will not need to lighten your hair!

How long should I wait for the color to dry to avoid rubbing? Wait at least 1 minute to allow the spray to dry. Please don’t forget that the color may still stain a little after it dries. We advise not to put too much on the hair.