Crema facial xhekpon isabel preysler

Crema facial xhekpon isabel preysler

Xhekpon | face cream | centella asiatica collagen and aloe vera

Three are the star ingredients that compose it and give it those almost magical properties: hydrolyzed collagen, centella asiatica and aloe vera. Three masters of hydration and regeneration, which manage to reduce wrinkles, the appearance of imperfections and scars and shield the skin against the appearance of new expression lines. In addition to leaving it ultra-smooth. And all this for a more than satisfactory price. Can you ask for more?
If you dare to try it, you should know that you can also use it on the neck and décolleté, to prevent the first wrinkles and sagging. Some even recommend it for the chest, as it prevents the appearance of stretch marks and keeps the skin smooth. Have we found the Holy Grail of cosmetics? Judging by the veneration of its users, yes.

Xhekpon cream

Isabel is Isabel and she may have used a thousand potingues, treatments and cares of all kinds, but none of them are totally responsible for her beauty. Her indisputable beauty, her genetics and her personality are difficult to imitate, even for her own daughters. Cosmetics help but they are not everything, far from it. We know for sure that Isabel has used the creams, serums and cabin treatments of Massumeh, one of the best beauticians in Madrid who has her own line of cosmetics made with beauty secrets from Ancient Persia, such as caviar.
Isabel Preysler’s alleged cream is Xhepkon from Vectem laboratories. A cream with a simple formula composed mainly of hyrolized collagen, aloe vera and centella asiatica with a price of 5 euros.

Isabel preysler mi crema

La crema Xhekpon ha sido uno de los grandes fenómenos de belleza de los últimos tiempos. La razón de su popularidad es la combinación de un precio extremadamente económico, con su gran eficacia a la hora de cuidar la piel.
Xhekpon es en realidad una crema antiarrugas que incluye en su formulación colágeno hidrolizado, gotu kola y Aloe Vera. Su presentación es muy característica ya que viene en formato de tubo como las tradicionales pomadas de farmacia de toda la vida e, incluso, su textura es similar. A pesar de ello, es muy fácil de aplicar.
Una de las ventajas de esta crema es que también funciona como tratamiento hidratante protector. Para conseguir suavizar y dar un aspecto terso a la epidermis del rostro, se puede aplicar diariamente, con la ventaja de que no provoca ningún efecto secundario como picores, irritaciones, etc.
Además, al aplicar esta crema notarás un acabado más aterciopelado de la piel, que da incluso la sensación de que los poros se cierran y quedan ocultos. Por lo tanto, al aplicar esta crema estarás dando un cuidado global de belleza y salud para tu piel.

Xhekpon cream a favorite

Xhekpon is not only one of the best-selling anti-wrinkle creams in pharmacies, but it also seems to be one of Isabel Preysler’s favorite low-cost creamsClick on the image to discover the best pharmacy anti-aging creams. / gettyVICTORIA PLÁ
one of the best-selling creams and is in the top ten of the most requested pharmacy products in our country. Formulated with aloe vera, collagen and centella asiatica, Isabel Preysler could not resist the benefits of this cosmetic made in Spain. In addition to treating
Urban legend has it that some witnesses saw Isabel throw an empty bottle of this cream into one of the airport garbage cans; others claim that she threw away the box and kept the product in her purse, as soon as she bought it in a parapharmacy. The fact is that since then
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