Dolores promesas heaven 2013

Dolores promesas heaven 2013

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Promise is a promise. If a few days ago you loved the Dolores Promesas collection, today its Dolores Promesas Heaven line will not leave you indifferent. Her creations, inspired by the luxury of the Belle Époque, are simply amazing.
Dolores Promesas bets on emerald green in long dresses, flirty cocktail dresses and in their classic tailors, which are never missing in any of their collections. The cut and fall of their pants is incredible, and I tell you because I have several. In addition to being comfortable, they are elegant and, fundamentally, they do not wrinkle at all.

Fito páez, recuerdos que no voy a olvidar, viña festival

Every season Dolores Promesas outdoes itself. The new collection is simply beautiful, super feminine and super, super elegant. The lookbook of the new collection proposes plain garments in very powerful shades such as yellow or green and the classic gray and black.
Inspired by the Belle Époque, it has silks and paillettes as protagonists with innovative and super sexy patterns. I personally think it’s a beautiful collection. The dresses are love at first sight. Look at what I mean.

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Laura has bought a magenta full skirt from Sheinside and she wants to wear it for a wedding she has at the end of the month in the afternoon-evening. She doesn’t know whether to pair it with black or white or add gold accessories. She would appreciate if we could give her some ideas.
As it is an evening wedding, jeweled crowns or headpieces with beads, like the one I propose in the image below, look best. You could also choose to go with just a pair of long beaded earrings and your hair loose, half up or a low braided updo. As for the rest of the accessories, I recommend a thin metallic belt, a metal handbag and sandals either in red or nude. To cover up, you can wear a wide and fluid blazer in white, ecru or very light pink.
For Mari Carmen I suggest a canotier hat with flowers in shades of pink, purple, beige … the same tones for a wreath if you prefer, to bring contrast to the outfit. A thin belt, a clutch in natural or brass tones and nude or beige sandals will do the rest.

Short prom dresses for prom

The truth is that we always say that Dolores is inspired by her life to make the collections, and it really is so. An intense life, full of moments, in which any of us could feel identified, so Dolores’s inspiration comes from everything around us. There are moments that inspire phrases, there are images that inspire fabrics, there are attitudes that inspire the print, each collection is full of moments of inspiration!
The cape silhouette is still present in the collections both as a short dress and with long skirts. The front necklines become a little more demure but, on the other hand, the backs play with the open back.  The pattern plays with the shapes but always fleeing from corseting and vulgarity, allowing the body to be free to move and, at the same time, to provoke movement in the garments.