Eight hours elizabeth arden opiniones

Eight hours elizabeth arden opiniones

My favorites of march 2020

The list of uses for this medicine/makeup hybrid is enormous. Arden herself also used it on the legs of her thoroughbred horses to soothe any kind of wounds. There is no makeup artist who does not cite it among their basics and models and stars such as Victoria Beckham, Marilyn Monroe, Poppy Delevigne or Catherine Zeta-Jones include in their beauty routines this miraculous cream that is a medicine cabinet concentrated in a single product. Even Prince Harry, who confessed that he used it in 2013 to protect his skin on his expedition to the South Pole.
It provides immediate hydration on cut lips, irritated cheeks or rough hands and protects the face against aggressions caused by the weather, such as wind and low winter temperatures. Petrolatum soothes, protects and moisturizes dry skin and vitamin E keeps it protected. Actress Reese Whiterspoon uses it to protect her skin. «It’s great for cold weather, it’s very hydrating,» as she has assured via Instagram Stories.

My favorites of 2018: skin care

Probably Mrs. creator’s horse’s foot healed miraculously, but if I interpret the product in light of the ingredients it carries, I find myself with a cream, which leaves a plastic layer on the skin to prevent it from losing water but which in turn, not only does not allow it to breathe, but it carries an acid that favors the chemical exfoliation of the most superficial layer and a series of nourishing ingredients. On paper it seems stupid to me… why are you going to lift the dead cells if you are not going to be able to remove them because you have a kind of impermeable layer on the skin that prevents it and some fatty elements that are going to fix the cells to the skin…
I don’t even want to talk about the consequences of ingesting this, because if you use it as a lip balm, sooner or later… something is going to seep out and I don’t think gasoline is going to be pleasant to taste. Call me weird.
The color is amber, which further reinforces my theory immediately above. The smell… it carries fragrance, don’t ask me why because smell, it doesn’t smell good. It has an intense, artificial aroma, like an old apothecary….

Review elizabeth arden 8 hours cream

Let’s see… cosmetically, this is not an easy product. It’s quite pasty. Let no one count on it penetrating and fading in seconds, it really doesn’t. Plus, it has an intense smell, halfway between a medicine and a petrochemical. And that makes you love it – or hate it.
The truth is that this balm has the property of nourishing, regenerating and exfoliating at the same time, and it was conceived as a multipurpose product that can be used as a lip moisturizer, foot cream or eyebrow gel.
– Foot cream. Again, its exfoliating power is perfect for combating keratinized skin. Not only cuticles, but also calluses. (Of course, no one should count on putting on shoes soon after applying it: it is better to use it at night and with socks).
There is no shortage of people who recommend it for the face, but personally, I don’t think it’s the best idea, since its texture is very unctuous, perhaps too much for this skin. Nobody should expect a natural or eco-friendly formula either: the 8 Hour Cream is a venerable old lady long before the passion for organic or clean products. In fact, there are many who criticize it precisely because it contains numerous petroleum-derived ingredients, since the petrolatum (also known as petroleum jelly), as well as the liquid kerosene it contains, are derived from this substance.

Elizabeth arden green tea honey /review

This repairing treatment soothes, restores and diminishes the symptoms of dry, chapped and irritated skin. It repairs sunburn, chafing and discomfort caused by dry skin.
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