El blog de nuria roca

El blog de nuria roca

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Nuria Roca has become a benchmark with the looks she wears almost daily in the television program. Styles that she shares later on her Instagram account and that her more than 460,000 followers are quick to praise.
This is how original Nuria Roca dressed for one of the programs of ‘El Hormiguero’. She gave life to this black culotte pants with a blue striped shirt and collar with leopard border and pink stilettos.
Very much in favor of this great look of Nuria Roca. The presenter was on ‘El Hormiguero’ with these striped culotte style fluid pants, which she combined with a knotted shirt and yellow sandals.

Nuria roca: «i never wanted to offend cristina pedroche».

A story with a happy ending for the most dramatic situation of her life. A circumstance that is now behind her. In the words of the own collaborator of El Hormiguero, «this summer, being in Menorca, we went to dinner and Ruth had a tummy ache, she did not try a bite of the llagosta with potatoes that we had in front of us», she began recounting in her Instagram.
Two very different sisters, as defined by those closest to them, but who have always been very close. Especially when life dealt them their lowest blow. A memory that is now in the past and that fortunately gives way to the most awaited happy ending: a new baby for the Roca’s, an immense joy for their whole family.

Sara carbonero & protos verdejo

«Nuria is the best. We have the same mood and that is very important to connect. Sometimes we forgot there were cameras,» stresses Esty Quesada, who has been happy to tour surprising or unusual places in the US that don’t appear in travel guides. «For me, going to Baltimore has been like going to Jerusalem.»
For one of the directors of the series, Eva Merseguer, «it is very important that there are teams and channels like TNT that dare to do almost anything. This has been an uncensored project, with total freedom to deal with the issues that have arisen.»

Sexually’, by nuria roca

The Valencian presenter Nuria Roca has been sued by the former mayor of Alicante, Sonia Castedo (PP), for having called her «unmitigated scammer» in a post on her personal blog last September, in reference to the two charges of corruption that weigh on the Alicante native.
This lawsuit was already expected since days after Nuria Roca wrote the criticism in her blog, the legal services of the city council of Alicante confirmed that the lawsuit would be filed for slander, libel, defamation and violation of the right to honor.
The amount of the lawsuit has been known a few days before Sonia Castedo appears on the set of Telecinco to explain his departure from the mayor. It should be recalled that Castedo did not give the explanations in the municipal plenary session in which her resignation was made official, since she did not attend.