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El blog de sara carbonero

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Este miércoles saltó la noticia de la supuesta separación de Iker Casillas y Sara Carbonero tras once años de relación. Lo anunciaba la revista Lecturas , que además aseguraba que ambos viven en casas diferentes desde hace tiempo. Sin embargo, ¡Hola! asegura ahora lo contrario: aparentemente siguen juntos.
Fuentes cercanas a la pareja desmienten la información difundida en las últimas horas y afirman que Carbonero y Casillas, padres de los pequeños Martín y Lucas, siguen juntos, según el medio del corazón.
No es la primera vez que saltan las alarmas sobre la situación matrimonial del deportista y la periodista tras cinco años de matrimonio. Los rumores de crisis entre ambos comenzaron a surgir en agosto del año pasado, cuando el futbolista compró sólo una casa en el centro de Madrid de 300 metros cuadrados por 3 millones de euros. Casillas reconoció que «lo mismo tenía que estar al lado de Sara que no».
En sus páginas, la revista asegura que, antes de que se produjera la intervención de Carbonero el pasado mes de febrero, la pareja ya había tomado la decisión de separarse de mutuo acuerdo, ya que estaban sufriendo un fuerte desgaste en su relación.

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Besides being the most personal drink, coffee is recommended for many reasons: it accelerates metabolism, prevents diseases such as cancer or diabetes and even reduces the risk of premature mortality, as demonstrated by the WHO in a recent study.
In both Porto and Madrid I have special places where I can practice this philosophy, enjoy a good coffee and feel at home. I will start with my Portuguese home, because if there is something that is not lacking in Oporto are charming cafes, and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites.
Continuing with my safe bets… Both for breakfast and for a snack, making a stop at Chocolataria das Flores is to know in advance that we will fall before the sweetest of temptations. Their cakes and biscuits are a weakness and go great with a cup of chocolate or a good cappuccino (Rua das Flores, 121).
For those who plan to tour Porto by bike (a wise choice) I recommend making a first stop at Hungry Biker. In addition to recharge your batteries with their smoothies, avocado toast, waffles with fruit or colorful bowls, you can rent your bike here and plan your tour while recharging your batteries with a delicious cup of coffee (Rua das Taipas, 68/72).

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I was looking out the window hoping to see something, anything, a cloud, the sky, the wings of the plane, the city in the distance… but we were in the middle of a tight fog and everything was white around us.
The pilot warned us that we had not been able to finish the landing maneuver due to the proximity with another plane with which we did not keep the minimum safety distance. He must have said something like that because at that moment neither I nor many passengers heard anything….
We were more than twice as long as the flight should have taken and beyond the delay and the setback of not arriving at the scheduled time, the situation was becoming more and more overwhelming.
I swore that if we landed safely, I would drive back to Porto the next day. That I wouldn’t get back on a plane for a while. And I prayed. I would venture to say that at that moment ninety percent of the passengers on the plane did too. Even if they didn’t believe in anything, it didn’t matter.

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We spend a lot more time at home, and what can you do at home as long as you don’t have two earthquakes who ask you to build LEGO constructions or to help them sort the animals by families ;-)?  Well, read and watch TV. Jokes aside, I think we can all take at least a little time a week to enjoy reading or a good movie, even if sometimes we have to sleep a little less.
Today I leave you a selection of books, series and movies that I have pending and that besides reading several reviews about them and looking for information on the internet, have been recommended to me by people with very good criteria ;-).
I will start with the books. Specifically I am going to talk about some of those books that ‘make you a better person’, or at least, from which you can extract a moral once you finish devouring its pages. Here are six that, for one reason or another, I recommend you read if you have the opportunity:
The End of Darkness (Paul Bogard). This is not a guide to recycling and other ‘tips’ to take care of the planet but a reflection on how the development of our society has led to a world increasingly brighter and, therefore, more artificial.  Traveling from the brightest point of the planet in Las Vegas to places where the dark sky accumulates so many stars that it borders on the unreal, the author will make us think about the power of the night, the importance it has had in various branches such as science or art and the possible consequences that this may have on our environment and our health.