Mascarillas the body shop opiniones

Mascarillas the body shop opiniones

Filling effect mask – british rose

The Superfood Masks are made up of 5 100% Vegetarian masks, and the «Himalayan Charcoal», «British Rose» and «Açai from the Amazon» masks are 100% Vegan. They do not contain kerosenes, parabens, silicones or mineral oils.
Amazon Açai Revitalizing Mask: Revitalizes, revives tired skin and gives it a more radiant appearance. For skin that needs a quick energy recharge due to signs of fatigue and stress.
Texture: It is a dense and creamy white paste. It contains exfoliating particles that help your skin remove dead skin cells for a more even tone and skin that looks more luminous and revitalized.
How is it used? Apply a thin layer in those areas where you want to see the result. Avoid the eye contour and lips. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, then massage it in to gently exfoliate the skin, both chemically and physically. The mask does not dry completely so it does not leave you with a feeling of tightness. Then you rinse it off and it leaves your skin luminous, matte and decongested. It has a slight whitening effect.

The body shop face masks – first impressions

If I had already discovered the benefits of tea tree oil, now I have just tried a mask that besides having this ingredient that eliminates shine, minimizes pores and eliminates pimples, has Himalayan charcoal with a purifying effect and brings more light than ever to my facial skin and as soon as you put it on, you notice an extraordinary feeling of freshness on the skin, which makes it one of my favorites to use this summer.
There are certain beauty products that deserve to be classified in the iconic category and one of them is the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask from The Body Shop (20 euros), a cosmetic that also sweeps Amazon with more than positive reviews. And after testing it, I can assure you that it is one of the best I’ve tried. It minimizes my pores, fights skin shine, refreshes, purifies and also after use, it gives you an incredible good face.

Nueva mascarilla de café – the body shop

Quedan pocos días para aprovechar la oferta en tratamientos faciales de la firma de cosmética natural, The Body Shop, concretamente hasta el 7 de octubre. Un descuento del 40% en la segunda unidad aplicando el código: BEAUTY19 justo antes de finalizar tu pedido (sin necesidad de hacer una compra mínima).
después de una semana c o m i c a lmente larga, necesito un trago (o cinco) despertándome con la nueva Mascarilla Despertar Intenso de Café Nicaragüense de @thebodyshop para poder salir y soltarme esta noche diría que después de una semana de mucho trabajo, esto se lo merece. TGIF #daretomask
todo en la página web de @thebodyshop tiene un 30% de descuento ve a ver todas las divertidas mascarillas, productos de cuidado de la piel y otros artículos de belleza que ofrecen nunca hacen pruebas en animales, casi todo es 100% vegano y apoyan el comercio comunitario en Ghana. todas las mejores cualidades para una marca que me encanta apoyar #thebodyshopUSA #thebodyshopSanDiego
Si estás buscando una mascarilla facial intensiva e hidratante para mantener tu piel hidratada durante los meses de primavera y verano, vale la pena probar la mascarilla Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask de The Body Shop. Mientras que otras mascarillas hidratantes carecen de resultados duraderos, ésta mantuvo mi piel suave, tersa, rellena y reconfortada, durante todo el día #cuidado de la piel #consejos de cuidado de la piel #tbs #thebodyshop #daretomask #facemask #fakeupfix #beautytips #treatyourself #mayday #facialmask #honey #vegetarian #yesthebodyshop

My experience with the body shop | carol

The Body Shop’s Superfood Masks are a collection of 5 face masks, with different components and objectives, with which we can do multimasking, so fashionable these days, or apply them in the classic way, if it suits us better.
They are inspired by traditional natural beauty remedies from cultures around the world, and each of them includes a star active ingredient that serves as a guide to know what you are giving your skin:
It’s inspired by Chinese traditions, and contains ginseng extract from China, which tones and stimulates the skin, revitalizing it; rice extract from China, traditionally used to moisturize and brighten the skin (and whiten it); and sesame seed oil from Trade with Communities of Nicaragua, rich in skin-soothing oleic and linoleic acids.
The manufacturer recommends applying it warm for best performance, but I honestly don’t know how that would be done, so I apply it at room temperature, which is also tasty and gives very good results.