Rodial dragon’s blood opiniones

Rodial dragon’s blood opiniones

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The feeling of comfort when using Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel is special. The moment you use it you feel the guarantee and security that something is going to happen. The results of simple use are noticeable within weeks. But the results of daily use are noticeable within days, powerfully firming the skin, defining facial contours and improving skin tone. Say goodbye to a sagging, gray appearance. Eliminates wrinkles and smoothes the skin with its great moisturizing action. Definitely a product worth trying.

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It is marketed by Rodial, a niche brand, famous for its effectiveness and for being a favorite of many celebrities. Victoria Beckham is loyal to several of its products, and in particular, Dragon’s Blood is rumored to be used, in addition to Lady Gaga, Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon.
You may find the name «Dragon’s Blood» curious. It sounds magical, doesn’t it, but there’s nothing magical about it. Dragon’s blood is the sap of a centuries-old tree of the same name, which grows in the Amazon. Through cuts in the bark of the trunk a red resin is extracted, which is used by the natives for its healing, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It is highly appreciated in cosmetics, because when applied on the skin, it forms a protective layer against environmental aggressions.
– Collageneer: Compound derived from lupine seed coatings mixed with sunflower oil. Stimulates collagen production, which helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity.

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Rodial is one of those lines that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a long time, especially their internationally recognized Dragon’s Blood line. However, the high price of their products has made me think more than once about this investment, and not having been able to try even a sample before deciding, I had stayed on the shelf of pending things, until I discovered in Notino the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Kit.
This kit can be found at Notino at a price of 30,90€. I have been comparing on other websites, and it is the lowest price I have found, both in the complete set, and looking for the products one by one in sale size.
With the amount of product that the minitallas bring we can not expect the same effects as a long or medium term treatment, but at least we see how our skin reacts for a few days, and if it is heading towards our main goal when using these products.
It has a mild rose scent that is not bothersome, and a feeling of freshness and cleanliness on the skin after use. It has a moisturizing effect and contains hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, glycerin, vitamin B3, and rose water. It also contains Zinc, but I have not noticed that it dries me out, although it does help to heal and dry any untimely pimples.

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The high cosmetics brand Rodial has launched a facial treatment that surprises by the color of the jar and by its curious name: Dragon’s blood Sculpting gel. Yes, it contains «dragon’s blood», the sap of this centuries-old tree that bears this name and has the particularity of being red.
Redensifying the skin means giving it the internal volume it has lost, the plumping effect that is noticeable from the outside as smoother skin and less pronounced wrinkles. Here are the main active ingredients of the new cosmetic: