Teresa de la cierva

Teresa de la cierva


Among the guests were Pilar González de Gregori with her son Tomás, Mariló Montero, Beltrán Lozano with Daniela Figo, daughter of the former Real Madrid footballer, Marta and Lourdes Barroso, Alfonso de la Cierva and Tersa Ruiz-Jarabo, Counts of Ballobar and uncles of the bride, as well as the Dukes of Terranova, Gonzalo de la Cierva, and Patricia Olmedilla, among others.
The bride is a young businesswoman and, together with her sister Inés, she runs several men’s clothing stores in Madrid, Cloking, in which her recent husband is also a partner, and María Echevarría.

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To get started, they need money to make the pilot chapter – which will be made with the talent of a team of people with ADHD, and Duarte will be one of the scriptwriters – with which they will go to large companies to seek funding for a whole series of several chapters, and the approximate budget is 11,000€. I have set myself the challenge of helping them to get the start-up, €4,000, which will go to art direction and the creation of graphic resources, but the more we get, the sooner they can make this project a reality, made by and for hyperactive people!

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Idiazabal and Ignacio Acitores. «The idea of Cloking was Borja’s. He works in a private equity firm. He works in a private equity firm, but he saw a niche, because men’s fashion is very expensive and the cheap ones are not of good quality,» explains Ymelda, the oldest and most talkative.
Isabel Sartorius, a friend of her parents, was seated in the front row, as was Patricia Olmedilla, Duchess of Terranova; Ymelda Moreno de Arteaga, Marchioness of Poza and member of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy; Marta Oyarzabal; Joaquín Astolfi, among others. Beltrán Lozano, grandson of Princess María Margarita de Borbón y Lubomirska and distant cousin of King Felipe VI, took to the catwalk and modeled. After the show, online sales skyrocketed.