The man of today

The man of today

Being a man today: masculinities in social transformation

Modernity is the paradigm on which the post-social world is based. The two great characteristics contributed by the American and French revolutions are the belief in reason and the recognition of universal human rights. This conception of modernity is threatened by powerful forces: unbridled consumption, fanaticism, violence, wars and communitarianism. These threats to modernity make us wonder if there is only one way to achieve modernity. On the other side we have a «modern» man, anxious, full of uncertainties and burdened with responsibility for not being able to achieve his personal aspirations and his full identity separately from his society. We have created a «homus ansiosus» that only the introduction of a universal ethic based on our creative and affective intelligence into his framework of values will not be able to give him the tools to «navigate» in this ever-changing post-social world.

Today is international men’s day

In our time, the problem of man’s responsibility in society has taken on a new, principled character. Our responsibility for the destiny of the whole human race has become much more direct. It is of extraordinary importance to record this now, when the threat of an unprecedented catastrophe of war looms over the world.
At the Philosophical Congress, the main speakers on the theme Critique of our times were the Mexican F. Larroyo and the American G. Schneider. Both philosophers tried to define the present era as an «era of crisis», a crisis caused, in their opinion, by the advances of science and technology. They spoke, above all, of the crisis of the human person, of the moral crisis of the modern age, of the failure of the ideas of progress. Larroyo, for example, declared that the social crisis represents a «bewilderment before the face of life», a «confusion of values», etc{15}. Schneider asserted that the concept of progress has been inherited from the 18th century and must be rejected. XVIII and must be rejected as dubious and vague. The term «development» also seems to him to be a «perfidious word», innocent only at first sight, although in reality, Schneider affirmed, it leads to errors.

Jesus christ the man of today

Society is increasingly moving away from the traditional roles of men and women. While the women’s struggle is having a great impact and important advances, we must also be aware of the role of men in the new society that is being created. Equality depends on both women and men.
Traditionally, men have been subjected to constant stimuli that have not always favored their development as individuals. The justification of certain violent attitudes, the lack of need to express feelings, empathy problems and the burden of achieving certain goals are some of the myths that haunt the male gender.
Erick Pescador is a sociologist and sexologist, specialist in gender issues, equality and prevention of male violence. Teacher and trainer of teachers, law enforcement, health personnel, social workers and associations, he has developed a training program on present and co-responsible paternity aimed at men.

I want my double portion (el hombre de hoy)

Fr. Luis Fernando de Prada, a native of Madrid, where he studied Law at ICADE, later studied Philosophy and Theology in Burgos and Toledo, where he was ordained a priest in 1987. After his first parish assignment, he graduated in Spiritual Theology at the Gregorian University in Rome. After new parish assignments and in the Seminary of Toledo, he was chaplain of the Faculty of Humanities and Communication Sciences of the CEU San Pablo University of Madrid and national vice-consecretary of the Catholic Association of Propagandists. At that time he began his collaboration as a volunteer in several programs of Radio Maria, of which he was appointed director in September 2012.