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If you want to solve your doubts about the basic concepts of economics and finance, this is your site Example of NPV and IRR calculation (with spreadsheet)Statement: We receive the following investment proposal:
– Subtract the amount of the investment (initial outlay)NPV = Sum of discounted cash flows – Initial outlay= 656.52 NPV = 20,656.52 – 20,000NPV = 656.52 €Nowadays these calculations have been transferred to financial calculators or spreadsheets that include functions that calculate NPV by simply entering the value of the initial outlay, cash flows and discount rate.In Spreadsheet:For this example we would proceed as follows:
= NPV (B1;B3:B5) + (- B2) and we will check that it will return the value 656.52b) T I R «The discount rate that makes the NPV equal to zero «It is then a matter of clearing the «k» from the following formula:            This calculation, which becomes quite complex when it exceeds the 2nd degree equations, is solved in a simple way with financial calculators or spreadsheets.In Spreadsheet:If we have noted in the cells:

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En esta ocasión hemos querido hacer un pequeño repaso a dos términos muy utilizados en el mundo de las finanzas y la economía por su increíble funcionalidad a la hora de arrojar resultados sobre las empresas y saber si la inversión en un determinado proyecto es viable, conocidos como el VAN y la TIR. Estas dos herramientas pueden hacerte ganar mucho dinero o alejarte de las malas opciones de una empresa.
El VAN y la TIR son dos tipos de herramientas financieras del mundo de las finanzas muy potentes y que nos dan la posibilidad de evaluar la rentabilidad que nos pueden dar diferentes proyectos de inversión. En muchos casos, la inversión en un proyecto no se da como una inversión sino como la posibilidad de iniciar otro negocio debido a la rentabilidad.
Ahora vamos a hacer una pequeña introducción del VAN y de la TIR, estos conceptos financieros por separado para que veas cómo se calculan y cuál es la mejor opción en función de los resultados que quieras conocer y de las posibilidades que te ofrecen el VAN y la TIR.
El VAN o Valor Actual NetoEsta herramienta financiera se conoce como la diferencia entre el dinero que entra en la empresa y la cantidad que se invierte en el mismo producto para ver si realmente es un producto (o proyecto) que puede dar beneficios a la empresa

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for example, investment costs and operation and maintenance costs) and revenues (excluding CER revenues, but including subsidies or tax incentives, if any).
27. In this context, and in particular in scenario 1, the level of profitability can be assessed by reference to methods that are standard practice in the industry concerned, including: methods for assessing the net present value of the project (NPV), the internal rate of return (IRR) or the return on investment (ROE).
27. In this context, and in particular in scenario 1, the level of profitability can be evaluated by reference to methodologies which are standard practice in the particular industry concerned, and which may include: methods to evaluate the net present value of the project (NPV), the internal rate

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There are several programs specialized in carrying out tasks related to investment analysis. Although Microsoft Excel is not specific for investment analysis, it is one of the most widely used due to its diffusion and the fact that it has several specific functions for the financial analysis of investment projects.
First of all, we should know that the functions for investment analysis are grouped under the «financial» category within the functions. The most commonly used functions are «IRR» and «NPV», which are developed in this article. Attached is a spreadsheet that develops the cases explained. Download Excel Spreadsheet
In Excel the NPV calculation function is called NPV. This function returns the net present value from a cash flow and a discount rate. We see that this function has one more argument than the function for calculating the IRR, the discount rate.
It should be noted that excel takes into account the future payments as occurring at the end of each period, so the first value indicated in the payment matrix will be updated at the interest rate that we indicate. For this reason, the initial investment should not be included in this matrix, but the matrix should include only the future payments.