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O puedes pedir una pizza «Large Vegi Supreme» por 18,99€ y obtener 15€ de devolución, lo que significa que sólo pagarías 3,99€. Una ganga. Por desgracia, la oferta sólo está disponible para los nuevos clientes de TopCashback, y no para los miembros actuales. Está vigente hasta el lunes 12 de julio y sólo se tarda unos minutos en solicitarla. Para que la oferta funcione tienes que pedir un mínimo de 15 libras de comida, pero hay un montón de artículos deliciosos en el menú que puedes comer con tus amigos y familiares. Si quieres aprovechar la oferta, a continuación te explicamos los pasos para reclamarla. Cómo conseguir 15 libras de Domino’s gratis La oferta significa que cuando gastes exactamente 15 libras en un pedido, éste será totalmente gratis después del cashback, mientras que los pedidos más grandes recibirán el ahorro de 15 libras en su total.

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We know the wait is hard, but we recommend that you don’t rush to the fridge and eat everything you can find, be patient, it will be worth it! Benefits of creating a Domino’s Pizza account
We know that when it comes to pizzas there are two very different camps: the classic and the innovative. If you are one of the former, your favorite category will be the Clazzica’s and on the other hand, if you are more into experimenting new flavors, you’d better investigate the Deluxe’s.
Of course! The first step when ordering online at Domino’s Pizza is to select whether you want home delivery or pick up at any Domino’s store.

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File – A Domino’s Pizza store in Madrid, July 17, 2020. The fast-food chain posted a net profit of $118.7 million (103.9 million euros) in its fiscal second quarter, ended in mid-June, l – Eduardo Parra – Europa Press – Archive.
Revenues from directly operated locations were 485.6 million dollars (398.3 million euros), up 7%, while the franchisees’ contribution to advertising was 462.2 million dollars (379.1 million euros), up 18.3%. Revenues from international operations were US$249.8 million (204.9 million euros), up 3.7%.
In terms of expenses, the supply chain accounted for 2,143.3 million dollars (1,758 million euros), up 14.6%, while the cost of the company’s own restaurants was 379.6 million dollars (311.4 million euros), up 9.6%.
On the other hand, Domino’s Pizza recorded an expense associated with franchise advertising of 462.2 million dollars (379.1 million euros), up 18.3%, while general and administrative costs were 406.6 million dollars (333.5 million euros), up 6.4%.

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Domino’s Pizza has spent £7 million (just over €7.5 million at current exchange rates) stockpiling ingredients, including tomato sauce and toppings in case a no-deal Brexit could disrupt food supply and drive up food prices.
This Tuesday the British press let slip that the new prime minister would even ignore a parliamentary vote to oust his government in order to achieve a no-deal exit on Oct. 31, the scheduled date of departure, before calling a general election.
«Within weeks it would be likely that shoppers would notice significant and adverse changes in available products and random and selective shortages. Limited shelf-life products would face the most immediate risk.»
In an article published in The Lancet, a scientific journal, Lang says the UK faces food shortages that will hit the poorest families hardest and accuses the Johnson government of keeping the true extent of the problem secret to prevent consumers from panicking.