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A few months ago I told you about my disastrous experience after trying to buy a suit at El Corte Inglés. From that disastrous experience, I have not yet returned to El Corte Inglés and I doubt very much that I ever will again, I realized a phenomenon that is sinking more and more in the mud, as if it were quicksand, El Corte Inglés: the reverse shopping.
It is indisputable that El Corte Inglés has a series of competitive advantages, which, if well exploited online, can place it at the forefront of e-commerce.
But not everything is going to be opportunities and competitive advantages. El Corte Inglés has a series of problems and needs that it will have to face in a short period of time, if it does not want to end up dying.
1- Low digital impact. So far, all the actions that El Corte Inglés has taken to offer online content have not been very successful. This is something that is happening to all retailers.

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Mimo is, as stated on its website, a «personalized space with advantages and gifts of makeup, fragrances, treatments and nutricosmetics». For this reason, El Corte Inglés has presented it under the premise of being a channel that will take personal care a step further, giving its subscribers a means to pamper themselves.
It is already possible to sign up for MIMO. To do so, you must register on its platform, providing information about your date of birth, sex and province, choosing the El Corte Inglés center closest to your location.
Once this is done, subscribers will receive a 10% welcome discount code, as well as information on offers, beauty and personal care tips, among other things. The program will also notify users via the El Corte Inglés app about any events or promotions, as well as send out a bi-weekly newsletter.
Finally, MIMO will offer solutions outside the digital space, offering a wide variety of cosmetic experiences in the more than 90 centers of the company. As we can see, the proposal of the department store leader is to offer an innovative, fresh and dynamic experience to its subscribers, while they take care of their health and appearance.

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The inaugural lecture was given by the Marketing Director of El Corte Inglés, José Luis Pascual. Under the title of the conference «Momentum», Pascual spoke about the current situation of the retail world in a very dynamic market that forces companies to focus their attention on active listening to the customer to anticipate their needs.
Héctor García Royo, Director of Marketing-Fashion, spoke about the pillars of the fashion transformation strategy at El Corte Inglés and how active listening and effective communication are fundamental to achieve a successful business change.

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Cientos de miles de españoles están viendo ahora mismo un gigantesco anuncio en vídeo de Dublín, frente a los grandes almacenes de El Corte Inglés en la Plaza del Callao, en el centro de Madrid. Hay anuncios similares en otros lugares concurridos de Madrid y Barcelona.
Turismo de Irlanda se ha asociado una vez más con una de las marcas más importantes de España -la rama de operadores turísticos del gigante minorista español El Corte Inglés- para promocionar las vacaciones de invierno entre millones de viajeros españoles de última hora.
Barbara Wood, Directora de Turismo de Irlanda en España, dijo: «Turismo de Irlanda está encantada de asociarse con Viajes El Corte Inglés una vez más. Nuestra campaña tiene como objetivo impulsar los viajes a Dublín e Irlanda en el último trimestre de 2019, aprovechando las tendencias de reservas tardías, ya que todavía hay mucho negocio por delante». Alrededor del 21% de todos los visitantes españoles a Irlanda llegan en temporada baja o en el cuarto trimestre, una verdadera oportunidad para ganar negocio para Dublín e Irlanda en un momento en el que hay capacidad de alojamiento y otras instalaciones turísticas. Además, los españoles tienden a viajar en la última parte del año debido a la alta concentración de fines de semana festivos.