Swift bic de la caixa

Caixabank routing number

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) comprises the digits that identify a bank account and the institution to which it is associated, regardless of where it is located. It is required to make money transfers or withdrawals in the SEPA (Euro Payments Area) zone.
Although this code is essential for sending payments to other banks, La Caixa warns that it is not necessary to report it in the collection and payment files. The entity is in charge of recalculating it by taking the IBAN of the account.

Código bic abanca

El código BIC (Bank Identifier Code) o código SWIFT es el código de identificación bancaria internacional. Se utiliza a nivel mundial. Se compone de 8 u 11 caracteres (4 indican el código del banco, 2 el país, 2 la localidad y 3 el código de la sucursal). Este código es necesario para enviar y recibir mensajes como transferencias, remesas de importación y exportación, créditos documentarios o cartas de crédito, garantías, etc.
SWIFT (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) fue creada en 1973 en Bruselas, con el apoyo de 239 bancos de 15 países, con el fin de crear un sistema de transmisión de mensajes seguros sobre transacciones financieras internacionales. Esta sociedad engloba actualmente a 7600 entidades financieras con un volumen medio diario de 10 millones de mensajes.

Iban caixabank

Have you ever wondered what is the BIC/SWIFT code of La Caixa? If you are a customer of this entity, you may think you will never need it. But when the time comes to make an international transfer, problems will arise.
The BIC code of La Caixa, which is the same as the SWIFT code, is CAIX ES BB XXX. As with all banks, each of these sets of letters or digits has its own meaning.
As a customer of La Caixa you may be wondering what good it will do you to know the BIC code, since you will have seen that it is not necessary to make national transfers. In fact, neither is it necessary to make international transfers as long as they are within the SEPA zone.
To order this type of operation it is necessary to know the IBAN of the account, the BIC code of the entity, as well as the currency in which the transfer will be made. Of course, you will also have to pay the corresponding fees and commissions.

Swift bic sabadell

The BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or SWIFT (Society for World Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code is used for banking transactions between banks in different countries, as each one has a code that identifies it. This sequence is made up of the country code, the bank code and some additional data, such as the location or type of branch. Like the IBAN code, it will be necessary for international banking transactions. If you are wondering how to know the BIC of a bank, at unComo we explain some ways to do it.
First of all, we explain the format of the BIC or SWIFT code, made up of between 8 and 11 alphanumeric characters, which refer to: For example, the BIC code of «La Caixa» is: «CAIXESBBXXX».
In this way, to know the BIC of your bank, you can go to a branch and consult it; you only have to ask the staff of the entity and they will provide it to you free of charge. In case it is the SWIFT of a customer or supplier with whom you have to carry out a transaction, ask for the code of their bank or savings bank.