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Érase un adiós is the thirteenth episode of the fifth season of the television series Aquí no hay quien viva, which marks the end of the series. It premiered with 4,005,000 viewers and a 27.5% audience share. It is the least watched episode of the season.
In June 2006, Telecinco, Antena 3’s rival channel, acquired 15% of José Luis Moreno’s audiovisual group. This led to the creation of an exclusive contract with the Fuencarral channel and he could no longer work for Antena 3. The series was not owned by the production company, but by the network, which could continue to produce the series, but not with the same cast, since most of the actors were linked to the production company. Although the episode was announced as the season finale, after the broadcast of the episode it was already implied that it was the end of the series.[1] In the meantime, Higinio has almost been released.
Meanwhile, Higinio has almost finished the work of the Cuesta family, but his wife demands that he move the partition wall because the new furniture he has bought does not fit in the bedroom. The Cuesta’s, seeing the price, refuse to pay for the work because it has exceeded the stipulated amount, so the Heredia’s connect everything to a socket that is now in their apartment after moving the partition and charge the Cuesta’s for it.

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Joseba Apaolaza is Armando Rubio de la FuenteEmma Penella is Concepción «Concha» de la Fuente GarcíaDaniel Rubio is Daniel Rubio (1×01, 1×04 through 1×09)Elisa Drabben is Rebeca Rubio (1×09, 1×10 and 1×13).
José Luis Gil is Juan CuestaIsabel Ordaz is Isabel Ruiz García, «la Hierbas» (from 3×13)Eduardo García is José Miguel «Josemi» Cuesta HurtadoSofía Nieto is Natalia Cuesta Hurtado (until 3×16) (from 3×31)Juan Díaz is Alejandro «Álex» Guerra Ruiz (from 3×15 to 3×30)Carmen Balagué is Nieves Cuesta, «la Chunga» (until 3×13).
Carmen Balagué is Nieves Cuesta, «la Chunga» (from 3×14 to 3×28)Santiago Ramos is Andrés Guerra (until 3×28)Elio González is Pablo Guerra Ruiz (until 3×28)Sofía Nieto is Natalia Cuesta Hurtado (from 3×17 to 3×31)Eva Isanta is Beatriz «Bea» Villarejo (from 3×29 to 3×31)Llum Barrera is Carmen Villanueva, «la Rottenmeier» (from 3×29 to 3×31)Daniel Fernández is Antonio Ezequiel Hidalgo Villarejo (from 3×29 to 3×31)Juan Díaz is Alejandro «Álex» Guerra Ruiz (until 3×15)Isabel Ordaz is Isabel Ruiz García, «la Hierbas» (until 3×13).

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Belén and Emilio were the couple par excellence of the Antena 3 series. Of all their crazy plots, we are left with the chapter in which Belén and Emilio decide to record a porn movie to try to pay off their debts. The problem comes when, without realizing it, they put the VHS in a tape from the video store. The rest of the episode is up to par, especially in that plot that gives the episode its name. The City Council places a bench on the sidewalk in front of the gate. Initially the neighbors complain, until they realize it’s a perfect opportunity to get together, gossip and fantasize about each other’s lives. Radio Patio’s favorite sport, wow.

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Rocío and Emilio already have everything organized for the wedding, but a problem has arisen: Emilio and Belén have had a fortuitous sexual encounter and both feel guilty. Meanwhile, Alicia and Lucía organize Rocío’s bachelorette party at a Boys, which, of course, Vicenta, Marisa, Concha and Belén herself will join. To prevent the girls from talking too much, the boys show up, by surprise and dressed as women. Paloma and Juan, after a long time without making love, have tried to reconcile sexually. Juan is worried because he has the feeling that Paloma is not enjoying herself and asks Andrés for advice.
Paloma is admitted to the hospital in very serious condition and the neighbors hold a «special» meeting to support Juan Cuesta in these difficult moments. In this meeting they will remember the best moments lived by the neighbors throughout the second season of the series.on the other hand, Belén does not want to resume her relationship with Emilio in the same conditions as when they left him. As Emilio, for the moment, does not want to know anything about another wedding, Belén proposes to move in together. Alicia will try to convince her to give up the idea.