Jocs de taules de multiplicar

Multiplication tables exercises

Counting game underwater template illustration With an underwater theme, the player becomes a fish learning the multiplication tables: with each question, he must swim to the correct answer. If he gets it right, he earns points! At the beginning of the game, you can select the tables you want to practice, and you can choose several of them at the same time.    Animal rescue
Solving multiplications is the way to feed Puma Pepe, the main character of this game. It includes a specific activity for each multiplication table and the operations can be performed as many times as necessary, because mistakes do not subtract but help to learn.    Multiply with the stars
It includes different games related to the multiplication tables that encourage practice and memory development. Among them, dynamics in the ocean, in an intergalactic race… On the web they are divided both by the table and by the type of game. Games for second grade: the multiplication tables

Multiplication table games from 1 to 12

BINGO. In a grid of 8 cells write 8 possible results. We have a multiplication table with a big cardboard size, which we turn when the game starts. The teacher announces: 5×3 and they have to make a creu with a pencil on top of the 15, if they have it on their cardboard. We have a bag with Bingo cards that are things they have brought from home. ELS HI AGRADA MOLT.
GENMAGIC. Multiplicacions online classificades en tres nivells de dificultat)MULTIPLICA MENTRE JUGUES A SUBMARINS (xtec)JUEGOS WEB. Multiplication tables. They give you the result and you have to write the two names of the product.

Printable multiplication tables

We start with this application that is presented as if it were a contest, since it has different game modes. Among them we have the Dol way, the Counter or Exam way, with which we can test the knowledge of the youngest in the subject of multiplication.
And the third option is called «School exam simulator», which allows us to perform the typical school exam without time or opportunity limits. It can be a training way to face school exams with less nerves, and face them in a more relaxed way.

How to learn the multiplication tables

It can be played alone or in pairs. The characteristic of this suggestion is that the students will also test their retentive capacity by having to match the card containing a multiplication with the result that corresponds to it. It can be used to work up to the twelve times table, both individually and by mixing tables.
Test your students’ mental ability with this game and see if they are able to correctly solve different multiplications before time runs out. You can use it with all multiplication tables. Each of them contains different questions: for example, the 4 contains 11; the 9 contains 15; if you choose the option of all you will find 55…
A pair of scissors and a white or colored cardboard. These are the materials you will need if you dare to take this game to your classroom, available on the Aprendiendo Matemáticas website (, which also explains everything you need to know to put it into practice. How do you play? The teacher asks for a result and the students have to guess correctly. If they do, they will pile up bricks and the one with the highest tower will win. It is more fun if groups are organized in class.