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MyRealFood helps you to achieve a healthy diet based on the 3 rules of Realfooding:- Base your diet on real food.- Complement your diet with good processed foods.- Avoid ultra-processed foods. The consumption of these products could be occasional, related to social and cultural events (10%).
– Easily log your meals in MyRealFood to keep track of your percentage of real food, good processed and ultra-processed foods, as well as calories and macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates).- Save products as favorites for faster logging.
Realfooding is not a diet to lose weight, but a lifestyle based on eating real food and avoiding ultra-processed foods, which will allow you to achieve healthy eating habits, and you will lose weight without realizing it. A true Realfooder eats healthy because they want to improve their health and enjoy real food.
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The main objective of the Real Food movement is none other than to improve the health of the population through their food. Starting from this premise that identifies what Real Food is, let’s delve into the subject to understand it a little better…
In the words of its creator, nutritionist Carlos Ríos, Realfooding is a revolution that fights against the epidemic of ultra-processed food and defends the right to a healthy diet for the population.
Real Food is understood as food that is unprocessed or whose industrial processing has not harmed the quality of its composition or worsened its naturally occurring properties. In short, it can be said that real food is the one composed of these ingredients:
There are a number of foods whose processing, whether artisanal or industrial, is beneficial or harmless in relation to their properties. These are the processed foods that we can consider suitable for a healthy diet. That is, they are the result of at least one of these two processes:


The app will break down all the nutritional information of the food with detailed indication of the macronutrients of the product so that the user with all the information will decide to choose the product or leave it back on the supermarket shelf. In addition, My Real Food will suggest healthier alternatives to the product in question.
Another feature that integrates this app is a huge list of products, sorted by categories (oils, snacks, rice, pasta, cocoa, etc.) where the user once you click on the category of food, will have extensive information about it, indicating whether they are real food, if they are products that have a good processing, or if on the contrary, are ultra-processed foods and therefore unhealthy.

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It is best to base the overall diet on real food, which would be complemented with some processed foods. But the key is to avoid ultra-processed foods, leaving their consumption exclusively for very specific occasions when we cannot control what we eat, such as parties and social events.
Thanks to it, we will be able to scan the bar codes of the products we buy and we will see the valuation of the product and its ingredients on the screen of our mobile. In addition, if we do not find a food, we can take a photo of it and send it to the developers so that they can create a new food with this data.
The application also integrates a section to check if our diet has helped us to lose volume and weight. We have to manually enter the measurements and figures, but if we wanted to go on a diet this is a good way to lose weight without doing it.