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18:472/9/2021This is how the Peruvian national team arrived at the National StadiumThe Peruvian national team arrived at the National Stadium with a lot of color in the vicinity of the venue. Several fans are present to express their support to the Bicolor.
11:592/9/2021Peruvian national team lives the duel «Duel of masters» was the title of the Peruvian national team’s account of the publication dedicated to highlight the rivalry between Ricardo Gareca and Óscar Washington Tabárez. Both coaches have faced each other five times with an even balance: two wins and one draw for each. Photo: Peruvian National Team

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Este artículo necesita citas adicionales para su verificación. Por favor, ayude a mejorar este artículo añadiendo citas de fuentes fiables. El material sin fuente puede ser cuestionado y eliminado.Buscar fuentes:  «Canal+» Canal de televisión español – noticias – periódicos – libros – erudito – JSTOR (diciembre de 2015) (Aprende cómo y cuándo eliminar este mensaje de la plantilla)
Canal+ fue un canal de televisión comercial español lanzado en septiembre de 1990 en las frecuencias de televisión terrestre. El canal era operado por Telefónica y estaba disponible en la plataforma de televisión digital por satélite e IPTV Movistar+.
En 1997 se lanzaron en España nuevos canales con la marca Canal+. Al igual que en los demás mercados en los que estaba presente Canal+, los canales llevaban nombres de colores: Canal+ Rojo y Canal+ Azul. Posteriormente se lanzó un canal especial que emitía contenidos en formato 16:9, pero fue sustituido por un canal en diferido en 2001. En 2003, los canales en color fueron sustituidos por el segundo canal llamado Canal+ 2 y tres canales de cine y deportes.

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El Partidazo de la jornada is always a match played by Real Madrid or Barça, week after week. This match is broadcasted on Movistar Partidazo channel and is always narrated by Carlos Martínez. The match between these two teams that is not considered as a «big game» is narrated every week by José Sanchis. For these matches, the usual commentators are: Julio Maldonado (Maldini), Álvaro Benito, Jorge Valdano, Andoni Zubizarreta and Gerard López.
On Movistar+ we can watch international and national basketball tournaments. The operator has the rights to the Endesa League, the Euroleague and the NBA, as well as the Copa del Rey basketball cup broadcast on #Vamos.
Movistar+ allows us to watch Formula 1 thanks to the agreement with DAZN, which means that we have the DAZN F1 channel on the streaming platform. To narrate and comment on the competition, a team well known to all…
Although tennis on Movistar can be seen through Eurosport and its corresponding sports commentators but also has its own in #Vamos and Movistar Deportes with the tournaments that the operator has exclusive rights. Among the voices that narrate Rafa Nadal and the others we find specialized commentators and narrators as a regular team formed by Miguel Angel Calleja, Jose Antonio Mielgo or Borja Zugardi along with commentators like Roberto Carretero and Guille Alcaide.

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To achieve greater savings, paradoxically, you will have to go for the most expensive plans. For example, taking into account the discounts on the cheapest tariffs, you will pay 150 euros less, but if you sign up for the premium plan to watch games with Movistar, the Fusión Total Plus, the savings will amount to more than 270 euros in just three months.
To understand the operator’s catalog, the first thing you should know is that all its convergent tariffs bear the name Movistar Fusión, and range from very basic plans with just gigabytes and two pay channels to offers with several mobile lines, 1 Gbps of fiber and more than 100 channels.
To sign up for Total TV you will have to have one of the best Orange tariffs with Internet and mobile. Not only do the most complete of its combined offers already include this pack, but you will also enjoy a discount of 25 euros during the first six months. Thus, users can go for the Total with one mobile line (70 euros for the first six months, 95 euros thereafter), the Total Plus with two unlimited lines and 1 Gbps speed (the cost in this case is 85 euros with discount and 110 euros without) or the Total Plus with four lines (which is priced at 105 euros under promotion and 130 euros when the promotion ends). You should bear in mind, however, that although these plans are cheaper, they also require a 12 month commitment.