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Renting cars

After its publication in the BOE, we already know all the details of the new Plan Renove 2020 and Plan MOVES, with which the Government will give aid for the purchase of new less polluting vehicles. Here we explain how the new incentive plan works, which electric cars are included in the aid and how much money those who are going to buy a new vehicle will be able to save.
While the MOVES plan is focused on electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the Renove 2020 plan also includes hybrid, natural gas, gasoline and diesel cars with C label.
The two aid plans have been active since last June and are managed by the different Autonomous Communities. However, even if the plan has not yet been activated in your territory, it will be possible to apply for the aid a posteriori.
The amount of the Plan Renove is up to 4,000 euros in the case of electric vehicles and up to 2,600 euros for plug-in hybrids. In the case of cars with the ECO label, it will be possible to receive an aid of 1,000 euros, while gasoline or diesel vehicles with the C label will receive 800 euros, in the case of individuals.

Renting with no down payment

Although this plan to encourage the purchase of a new car is approved and was published in the BOE on July 6, a little over a week ago, in reality, it will not be until September when it will be ‘really’ put into operation.
«The customer can buy the car now, but will do so by paying the full amount of the vehicle (except for the discount of the brand or dealer). It will be later in September, when the application will be put into operation and when he will be able to claim the money,» says the head of this distribution.
Specifically, the text of the ministry says: «The aids may be requested from the day of activation of the telematic management system. The date and time of activation of the telematic aid management system will be conveniently notified through the Renove 2020 Program portal. It is estimated that during the month of September 2020 the window will be opened to enable applications to be made, which will entail a reservation of the budget for the corresponding amount».

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Once the deadline for the reservation of aid has already closed on December 31, 2020, it is reported that applicants must access the form to attach the required documentation to complete and validate their application, for which a total of 120 calendar days are available since the same was made for all vehicles except for M2, N2, M3 and N3 that have 180 calendar days since the reservation request was made.
The objective of the Plan is to provide incentives through the granting of aid for the acquisition of vehicles for the replacement of older vehicles with cleaner and safer models, while incorporating environmental and social criteria.
Once you have made your reservation request, you must access the form to attach the required documentation to complete and validate your request, for which you have a total of 120 calendar days from the date you made the request for all vehicles except for M2, N2, M3 and N3, which have 180 calendar days from the date you made the reservation request.

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As in the case of Plan 2000E, unless the law is modified, it is considered a capital gain and is taxed at the marginal rate. There may also be exceptions, as in the Basque Country, which expressly changed the decree so that they would not be taxed.
Not all cars are included, only those with categories A or B of energy efficiency. We have already marked on the web the susceptible versions with some exceptions (for example, marked versions that depending on certain equipment may not enter finally). In addition, versions with emissions equal to or lower than 120 also enter with categories C and D.
Jose IgnacioFirst you will have to make the change in traffic so that it is in your name. Then you will have to deregister it in a CAT (authorized scrapyard). Precisely that it does not pass the ITV is one of the reasons that people have to buy a new one.
Hello, Today I went to talk to the dealer (with the salesman, of course) and he told me that they will start next week to register the car, but not this week. I do not understand why. So I have to wait, I do not know if it will be the same in all the houses?