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Need for Speed es una película de acción y suspense de 2014 dirigida y coeditada por Scott Waugh y escrita por George y John Gatins. Es la adaptación cinematográfica de la franquicia de videojuegos de carreras del mismo nombre de Electronic Arts. La película está protagonizada por Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Scott Mescudi, Imogen Poots, Ramón Rodríguez y Michael Keaton. Cuenta la historia del corredor callejero Tobey Marshall, que se lanza a correr a campo traviesa como forma de vengar la muerte de su amigo a manos de un corredor rival, Dino Brewster.
Tobey Marshall es un antiguo piloto de carreras que posee el taller de su difunto padre, Marshall Performance Motors, en Mount Kisco, Nueva York, donde él y sus amigos ponen a punto los coches de alto rendimiento. Con dificultades para llegar a fin de mes, él y su equipo participan en carreras callejeras a deshoras. Después de una carrera, el antiguo rival de Tobey, Dino Brewster, los recluta para que completen la construcción de un raro Ford Shelby Mustang en el que trabajó el difunto Carroll Shelby, a cambio del 25% de los ingresos de las ventas del coche. El Mustang terminado se expone para su subasta en una fiesta en la ciudad de Nueva York. Tobey y Dino conocen a Julia, una corredora de coches inglesa cuyo cliente, Bill Ingram, quiere comprar el coche si puede demostrar que circulará a más de 230 mph, como afirma Tobey. A pesar de las objeciones de Dino, Tobey lleva el Mustang a una pista de carreras local y lo conduce con éxito a 234 mph, convenciendo a Ingram para que lo compre por 2,7 millones de dólares.

Need for speed movie netflix

The movie based on the Electronic Arts franchise, ‘Need for Speed’ will have a sequel. The first part was released in 2014 and its cast included Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, Dakota Johnson and Michael Keaton, among others. Its success, translated into profits, was very good, especially considering that it grossed 200 million worldwide and cost just $66 million to produce.
Where it was not a success, because it was not able to arouse enough interest among the followers of the videogame saga, was in North America. Therefore, the second part of ‘Need for Speed’ will be set in China, a market highly demanded by the Hollywood film industry.
For the moment, there are no details about the movie, neither actors nor an approximate release date, as well as if the star and protagonist of the first installment, Aaron Paul, will take part in this second part in the role of Tobey Marshall. But for the moment, here is the official trailer of the first movie.

Need for speed movie cars

If lovers of speed and car movies feared for the continuation of the A Todo Gas saga after the death of Paul Walker, do not worry, because here begins another possible franchise ready to unseat the previous one and, moreover, with another hero at the wheel of fashion, Aaron Paul, with that right point between the macarrismo of Jason Statham, the cool pose of Ryan Gosling and a polygonal touch that suits him wonderfully. Need for Speed is based on one of the most important racing videogames of the nineties in which you could virtually drive some of the most powerful cars on the market, with the option of tuning them to the consumer’s taste. This basic scheme is, of course, the one that takes its film adaptation, carried out by Scott Waugh, a real expert on the subject as he has worked as a specialist in films such as xXx or Torque: Rolling at…

Mission: impossible – fallout

Directed by Scott Waugh and starring Aaron Paul, it bases its plot on the familiar races that can be seen in the video game installments. The film has been described as «a fast-paced, high-octane movie rooted in the tradition of the great car culture of the 70’s movies; while remaining faithful to the video game saga that precedes it».
On his way he will meet Dino Brewster, his former business partner who betrayed him. Being a shrewd and wealthy racer in the cutthroat world of street racing, Brewster has eyes and ears everywhere.