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Tip 4: stickers, badges and vignettesIn more and more European cities, environmental zones have been established. To be allowed to drive in such a zone, you need an environmental badge on your windscreen in Germany, for example. In Austria and Switzerland you need a special autobahnvignette. The necessary stickers can be purchased from the ANWB. Would you like to travel smoothly through France? Then buy a toll badge. You can then pass through special toll gates and the toll is paid electronically. That saves you a lot of time and effort!

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Sometime in the next few years I am planning to do the Grand Tour of Switzerland by car with my daughter. A wonderful journey of about 9 days over 1,600 km of Swiss highlights. Now I can of course book all kinds of guesthouses etc. myself, but does anyone know of an organization that offers an organized trip or travel package?
Ok, great! That is at least an option. With some searching, possibly with help from us, there is bound to be something within your budget. Moreover, you can then choose which places to stay: small, large, with a view, by a lake, etc.

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It is also possible to let Switzerlandexperts organize your vacation. They will listen to your wishes and make a proposal for places to stay, accommodation and activities. You buy a package that includes everything!
Arrange your group trip to Switzerland here. Swiss travel consultants will be happy to create a tailor-made trip for your group. Transportation, hotels and activities are included. A tour guide can accompany you, either full-time or part-time.
Train pass/parking/museums, Basel/Interlaken/LausanneHallo, Next Thursday I will leave for Switzerland (Basel, Lausanne and Interlaken) by car for two weeks. By now I have a rough plan/idea of what I want to do in Switzerland. However, I am wondering if it is advisable to purchase a train pass for the …
I am looking for a travel agency that can organize/advise a hut trip with children in Switzerland and accomodation for the other days. Custom made advice. Where/whom can I find this? Greetings, Marjolein